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10 Wonderful Outdoor Toys Your Kids Need to Have

As a mom of four kids, having a fenced-in backyard fun zone full of outdoor toys for kids is a lifesaver. I need a space outside the house for my kids to stay occupied and play together, without having to keep track of everyone at a park. To be honest, it’s a bonus if they will play independently, allowing me to keep an eye on them while accomplishing other things.

Over the years, we have gathered a collection of fun outdoor toys for kids that entertain ages toddler through grade school. Here is a list of outdoor toys for kids that have provided hours of backyard fun for my family.


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Kids playing on a swingset

Our backyard features a relatively inexpensive metal swingset. After four years of heavy use, it is probably nearing its end of life, but it is still rare that my kids do not play on the swingset when they head out to the backyard. We have a pipe dream of investing in a Gorilla playset. Don’t forget the baby swing if you have a child between 9 months and 3 years! Our baby swing has been used often for three kids, and baby number 4 will surely be enjoying it come spring.

Climbing Toy

This summer, we installed a Lifetime Geometric Dome. When my older two kids go to a park, they are drawn to anything they can climb. So, when my mom wanted to buy them an outdoor toy as a gift for becoming a big brother and sister (yet again), I suggested this dome. It has been a fun addition to our backyard fun zone, although they do fight over who gets to sit on the top!


There will likely be a slide on your swing set, but if not, a separate freestanding slide is a must. (Even if there is one on your swing set, you can’t really have enough slides—especially if you have a large family!) We have this 3-feet long Little Tikes slide for younger kids (ideally ages 1-2 or so), and this 5-feet long slide for older kids (2 and up).

Push Cars

For small toddlers, a push car with a handle has provided loads of fun (and exercise for Mom!). It’s easy to maneuver—in fact, many a time, I have pushed the toddler while holding the baby. Side note: If you live close to your kids’ school, I have seen parents pushing their toddlers in the push cars to school pickup! Older kids enjoy driving around the coupes. Of course, if you can manage to splurge for an electric car, that would probably take the cake!

Water Table

Our water table sees a lot of use in the summer months. We enjoy the Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table because it’s a good size for the kids, came with lots of toys and accessories, and has an umbrella for coverage. It does not have a drain, so we have to overturn it to empty the water. However, I have heard that water tables with drains sometimes leak, so this might not be a downside!


A sandbox keeps kids busy with creative play for hours! We got a small turtle sandbox, which includes a cover to keep out rain and pests. Alternatively, you might choose a sand table. Don’t forget the sand toys, as well. My kids had a lot of fun with their sand baking set, and my son likes to drive trucks and diggers around in the sand.

Outdoor toys in a sandbox

Tee Ball Set

We recently got the Grow-to-Pro Tee Ball set by Fisher Price. My 5-year-old son has had so much hitting the ball across the backyard. It’s nice not to have to be on “pitching duty!” Conveniently, you can adjust the height on the tee. And of course, once they no longer need the tee, you’re left with a sturdy bat and ball for backyard fun.

Roller Coaster

Years ago, my parents brought us a backyard roller coaster they’d found secondhand at a garage sale. This toy has been fun for the kids from about 18 months all the way up to 6-and-a-half (and probably beyond). I am amazed at how well toddlers can operate it on their own! Although I do not think our model of roller coaster is in production anymore, this Thomas the Tank engine version by Step2 is similar and rated well on Amazon.

Play House

My kids love to engage in pretend-play in their playhouse. They seem to prefer larger playhouses with fun features like tables or play sinks, like the Happy Home Cottage by Step2. In addition, they like playhouses that have shutters so that they can play peekaboo.

Bounce House

Our bounce house has been an extra special treat for the kids. It is a hit at birthday parties and playdates. (As a caveat, I have not found it to be the easiest toy to store when it’s not in use.) Our Little Tikes Dunk ‘n Toss Bouncer does not seem to be produced anymore, but Amazon reviewers seem to love the similar Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer.

Whether you’re purchasing at the start of the season or grabbing end-of-season sales, your kids will have hours of fun with these must-have outdoor toys!

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