I’m Jennie.

I had four kids in under seven years, and you’d think that would make me a parenting expert. (Or maybe you just think it makes me a little nuts.)

Actually, as a mom, I am not crafty. I’m not crunchy. I’m not a particularly good cook or excellent homemaker. I work outside the home, feed my babies formula, use disposable diapers, and let my kids watch TV.

In fact, I do not consider myself an expert in most areas of parenting.

What I am good at is problem-solving. I like to research, crowdsource, and share solutions to parenting problems. I also like to be real about parenting. And I’m also a “mom of least resistance.” I like when things are easy and simple. And I like to set goals and work toward them.

My purpose for this blog is to share what’s been working for me in the realm of parenting—particularly large (read: more than 2 kids) families—and to try to answer parenting questions and challenges that come up in my own life or the lives of my readers.

That is, if I can find the time.