Hi! I’m Jennie.

I had four kids in under seven years, and you’d think that would make me a parenting expert. (Or maybe you just think it makes me a little nuts.)

Actually, as a mom, I am not crafty. I’m not crunchy. I’m not a particularly good cook or excellent homemaker. I fed my babies formula, use disposable diapers, and let my kids watch TV. I was a mom who worked outside the home for nearly a decade (before it made more sense for me to become a stay-at-home mom).

In fact, I do not consider myself an expert in most areas of parenting. I am on a journey, learning alongside other moms (though having lived through eight years of parenting up to four kids, I have some nuggets of wisdom to share). I strive to shed light and build community around the raw reality of motherhood (which is why my Facebook group is called Maternal Reality).

I started Four to Love in October 2018, and since then I’ve written lots of content that I hope is useful as you navigate parenthood alongside me. I research, crowdsource, and share solutions to everyday parenting issues. I create printable activities to keep your kids busy. I also love putting together product lists, which you can use to find just the right gift for your kid, someone else’s kid, or yourself.

If you’re looking for where to start as you peruse my site, here are my top 5 popular posts:

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Feel free to contact me if you would like to pursue a collaboration or if I can answer any questions. And if you’re a mom, don’t forget to join Maternal Reality so that we can hang out together on Facebook! We post meal ideas, problem-solve, celebrate succcesses, and share our maternal reality through real-life pictures and hilarious memes. Look forward to seeing you there!