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10 Baby Gifts for Twins Recommended by Twin Moms

When I asked a group of twin moms for their recommendations on top baby gifts for twins, they were happy to share their memories and expertise. I used their thoughts and advice to compose this list of baby gifts for twins. Whether you are an expectant twin parent putting together a registry or a baby shower guest, these ideas will give you insight into just the right products needed to survive and thrive in those early months and years with twins.

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Top Recommended Baby Gifts for Twins


Considering how many diapers one baby needs, it is easy to imagine how grateful parents would be to receive diapers as a baby gift for twins. One twin mom specifically suggested gifting “diapers in bigger sizes… as they grow so fast.” You may want to check with the twin parents to see if there is a specific brand of diapers they plan to use. For example, some may opt for a less-expensive store brand, while others might prefer organic. Don’t forget to throw in a pack of wipes!

You could also gift an Amazon gift card (this one is adorable) or an Amazon Prime gift subscription so that twin parents might save money through an Amazon Family diaper subscription.

Twin Feeding Pillow

Twin parents will log many hours feeding their babies, so one of the most useful baby gifts for twins is a nursing pillow made for two. Originally pitched on Shark Tank, the eco-friendly waterproof Twin Z Pillow comes highly recommended. Designed especially for twin feeding, it provides sturdy back support while providing a place for each twin to rest.

One twin mom says, “I really needed it because I would prop them each in it so I could feed them both at the same time. For women who breastfeed, it’s really one of the best out there for tandem feeding.”

Aside from nursing, Twin Z Pillows can also be used for bottle feeding, tummy time, and sitting support.

Baby Seats

With two babies to care for, twin parents need a place to set their babies down to free up their hands. A seat for each baby will become well-used baby gifts for twins. If they are bottle-feeding, setting the babies in their seats to take their bottles is an effective way to get both twins fed at once.

Parents absolutely rave over this ergonomic seat, which bounces along with the baby’s natural movement. It folds down flat, making it easy to transport it around the house, travel with, or store out of sight to eliminate clutter when not in use. (Twin parents have so much baby stuff, so this is a huge plus!) It also adjusts to three different levels to suit your baby’s needs and even turns into a chair for toddlers.

If you are on a tighter budget, the Ingenuity 3-in-1 Vibrating Bouncer Seat is a great alternative . It can function as a stationary seat or as a rocker, and it has a toy bar and a vibration feature to keep the babies both entertained and soothed.

Practical Clothing and Blanket Baby Gifts for Twins

Considering the number of clothes and blankets twins go through, it’s no wonder that many twin moms mentioned these as useful baby gifts for twins! Rather than opting for cute matching outfits or fancy blankets, you might want to give some more practical options, such as:

  • Swaddle Blankets: Babies love to be swaddled when they are newborns, and swaddle blankets make it easy. If they can help twins sleep longer to help their parents sleep, all the better! These swaddle blankets are highly-rated and affordable. In fact, I just received a set for my newest baby who is on the way.
  • Sleep Sacks: Sleep sacks are wearable blankets that keep babies snug and warm without posing a safety hazard. My own kids graduate to sleep sacks when they start to outgrow their swaddle blankets. Conveniently, these sleep sacks come in a two-pack for a good price. You could also try weighted sleep sacks, which parents report help their babies sleep longer stretches at night.
  • Zippered Sleepers: I am an adamant opponent of snap sleepers, even for singletons. One of my twin mom friends admitted that if she received pajamas with snaps or buttons, she would exchange them for zippered pajamas. This is the absolute best kind of zippered sleepers – they from the bottom so moms and dads can zip from the bottom for cozy, quick diaper changes.
  • Nightgowns: When my babies are tiny, their nighttime “uniform” is a onesie, nightgown, and swaddle blanket. It’s much easier to reach into a gown at night than to fiddle with a sleeper. One of my twin mom friends recommended baby clothes with “zippers or preferably just gowns that are open at the bottom.” She adds that these are especially helpful in the first few weeks. “You are so tired that snaps just baffle you at 3am.” Try these Simple Joys by Carter’s nightgowns.
  • Onesies: One twin mom remembered, “I needed so many onesies. Even just boring plain ones. You go through so many outfit changes with twins.” Of course, a multi-pack of white onesies would be great, but you can also find some pretty cute twin onesies on Amazon.
  • Muslin Blankets: One twin mom gushed, “Nice muslin burp cloths and blankets were one of my favorite things.” Large, breathable muslin blankets are versatile and useful as baby gifts for twins. Twin parents can use them to swaddle babies, lay them on the ground for playtime, or cover up while nursing if they wish.

Bottles and Bottle Accessories

“I needed a ton of bottles since I pumped and did formula,” one twin mom told me. I would wager that most other twin parents are in the same boat, whether they are formula-feeding, exclusively pumping, or using childcare. Find out what type of bottles they plan to use, and help them stock their cupboards.

In addition to the bottles, they could likely use some bottle-feeding accessories. For example, one twin mom shared, “I liked our bottle sanitizer that went in the microwave to clean the bottles so I didn’t have to worry about running them through the dishwasher and could be confident they were clean.” Another said, “I needed a multi-tiered massive bottle drying rack!! There are just so many bottles!”

Read 7 Formula Feeding Hacks to Save You Time and Money for more ideas.

Portable High Chairs

Twin parents may not have room for full-sized high chairs to take up space in their kitchens or dining room. A portable seat that attaches to existing kitchen chairs, such as the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, might be the way to go. These seats also recline, making them safe for very small babies. One twin mom said of her portable high chairs, “I liked them a lot as we could easily move them around the house, set them on the floor when needed and they traveled well when necessary. I would even take them outside and sit the twins in them for fresh air before they were mobile.”

Hands-Free Diaper Bag

Hands-free is the name of the game when it comes to parenting twins. When it comes to diaper bags, one twin mom told me, “I highly suggest either a crossbody or backpack style because you have to carry 2 car seats and you don’t need a diaper bag falling off your shoulder.”

The waterproof RUVALINO hands-free diaper bag is large and thoughtfully laid out. It has space for two bottles and two spoons, a diaper organizer, and plenty of more pockets and spaces to fill with necessities for both the parents and the twins.

Bathtub with Scale

A bathtub with a scale is a great baby gift for twins because it kills two birds with one stone. It makes bath time easier while also providing a simple way to track the twins’ weight. A twin mom explained, “With the boys being so small, we had to track their weight for a while, pretty regularly. The scale bathtub definitely made that easier.” This baby bathtub not only has a built-in scale but also a thermometer to make sure the water is just the right temperature for a bath.

Car Seat Covers

Not only will car seat covers keep your twins safe and warm while you are out and about, but they will also protect them from germs. One twin mom said she loved the covers to discourage people from touching her babies. “Strangers love to look at and touch twins,” she explained. Of course, my hope is that after we have lived through a pandemic, people will be more conscious overall about touching others — especially babies! — but an extra barrier might not hurt.

Extra Large Play Mat

Consider making your baby gift for twins a safe, comfy place on the floor to play. This large play mat is huge, wipes clean, and features engaging patterns on both sides. One twin mom said she had a huge quilt that she would spread on the floor for her twins. “Once they were a bit bigger and on the floor, it was nice to have a soft big surface that was also washable,” she said.

More Ways to Support the New Twin Mom

  • If the twin mom has registered for a double stroller, consider buying or helping to buy that big gift. I have not recommended one specifically here because, as one twin mom puts it, “Twin parents feel very strongly about their choices in strollers.” However, twin parents describe the double stroller as “a must” and “your lifeline,” so, if you can, make sure the twin family has one! This Lucie’s List article provides some useful suggestions.
  • If there are older kids in the house, be sure to explore this list of supportive big sibling gifts. You might also like to browse this list of gifts for experienced moms.
  • Since she will be extremely tired and busy, consider bringing food to the new mom. A twin mom commented, “I know it’s not a physical gift, but the meal train that was set up for us was a total life saver. We were blessed with meals for about 8 weeks after the girls arrived.” This must-read article delves into not only what food to bring, but how to make the most out of your visit.
  • Check out this list of ideas for putting together a new mom care package, and bring something for her as well as the new baby.
  • Consider these gifts that make life easier for moms as an alternative or addition to buying a baby gift for twins. As one twin mom said, “What I didn’t have that in hindsight I needed? An Instant Pot.”

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