24 Free Printable Backyard Activity Cards

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It is nice to get your kids outside to play, but do you ever struggle with keeping them engaged? Of course, they will ideally enjoy some independent play on their outdoor toys or use their imaginations, but there may come a time when they need a little more guidance about how to be creative or active while they are enjoying the fresh air. That is where these printable backyard activity cards come in!

If you are not able to print or would prefer not to, you could swipe through on your phone and choose cards for your kids.


  • Close your eyes and spin around. When you open your eyes, make up a song about the first thing you see.
  • Do 10 jumping jacks

Each prompt will get your kids moving, pretending, thinking critically or creatively, engaging you in conversation, or busily hunting down objects they will need. When you are done with the cards, you can start them all over again or put them away and bring them out the next time you play outside.

My kids and I tried these out together, and they were really fun! My three oldest (ages 8, 6, and 3) were all engaged with the activities, and I enjoyed playing along with them.

I think making their shadows dance was a favorite card!

As my eight-year-old daughter pointed out to me, some of the backyard activity cards can be completed indoors, too, if you are looking for things to do inside. (These indoor scavenger hunts and art toys would also be a great option!)

If you have more than one child, consider:

  • having each child do the cards together,
  • taking turns, or
  • splitting the cards up and making it a competition to see who can finish their cards first.

Of course, this last option could end up being unfair because some of the prompts require a bit more thought and time than others, so you may need to strategically split them.

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