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21 Engaging Camping Activities for Kids You Need to Know for Rainy Days

Rainy days at the campsite might sound boring and disappointing, but they don’t have to be! With a little creativity and some planned camping activities for kids, you can turn those drizzly hours into unforgettable memories. From printable games and crafts to interactive stories and cozy indoor campfires, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained and happy. Use this list of camping activities for kids to guide your camping trip packing and planning in case rain keeps you inside.

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Printable Camping Activities for Kids

Bring copies of these printable camping activities (printed ahead of time) to keep kids engaged. Since they are printable activities, they do not take up much space, which is a bonus when camping.

Printable Escape Room for Kids

This printable escape room for kids is a fun and engaging rainy-day camping activity. Kids will work together to solve a camping-related mystery through critical thinking and code-breaking.

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Printable Camping Activity Placemat

This two-page camping activity placemat includes 9 fun camping-related activities, such as a word search, maze, color by number, and coded joke. Its compact design makes it a perfect space-saving option for camping.

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Printable Camping Grammar Game for Kids

This funny printable fill-in-the-blank grammar game with stories themed around camping, summer, and road trips, will have your whole campsite in stitches.

Printable Camping Journal for Kids

While it rains, kids can work on filling in this interactive camping journal, such as “about me” pages, drawing prompts, and reflections. The highly-rated packet also includes some fun camping games.

Printable Camping Games for Kids

This pack of 40 camping games for kids will provide hours of entertainment with options such as a campfire song match, find your camping name, and a camping-related Friendly Feud game to choose from.

Games and Puzzles

Get the whole family involved with these fun, interactive games that are ideal for rainy days at the campsite.

Board Games

Bring some board games to play as a family when the rainy weather keeps you inside. This list of games contains 27 perfect options for families – even younger kids who may not yet be strong readers.

Card Games

So much entertainment awaits with a single deck of cards! This Super Fun Family Card Games book contains instructions for 75 card games suitable for players ages 4 and up.

One-Minute Challenges

Create a competition filled with one-minute challenges using common household items. This Minute of Fun kit provides everything you need to complete 237 one-minute challenges using supplies such as ping-pong balls, cups, dice, and balloons.


Take turns acting out words and phrases while other family members try to guess what you are pantomiming. My kids enjoy this Charades for Kids game, which uses pictures.

Jigsaw and Wooden Puzzles

Working on a jigsaw puzzle together can be a great rainy-day family activity. Take a portable puzzle case with you to make it easier to start and stop your puzzle assembly. For the younger members of your crew, check out this list of wooden puzzles for toddlers to keep on hand.

Activity Books

Bring a few activity books to keep your kids engaged with problems to solve. My 7-year-old daughter keeps this Highlights Ultimate Puzzle Challenge! in the car and loves picking it up for short or long drives. Reusable sticker books can also provide hours of entertainment.

Camping Crafts and Creative Activities

Let kids get lost in their imaginations as they engage with these camping crafts and creative activities during the rainy weather.

Camping Craft Kit

If weather permits ahead of your rainy day, gather natural materials outside and use them to complete the three on-the-go nature crafts in this Nature Craft Kit.

Creative Writing

Set kids up with some writing prompts, a notebook, and a pen, and let their imaginations run wild. Summer Writing Prompts for Kids Ages 7-10 provides space for kids to answer 65 creative prompts.

Create a Suncatcher

With this mess-free craft kit, you can create four camping-themed suncatchers using contact paper and tissue paper.

Tell a Progressive Story

To tell a progressive story, one person begins telling a tale but stops suddenly and passes the storytelling responsibility to the next person. A prop to assist with this activity is story cards, such as this set – a favorite with my 6- and 7-year-olds.

Paint Rocks

Paint rocks that you have found around the campsite or bring along a rock painting kit. These painted rocks could make a lovely souvenir of your family camping trip.

Dough Mats

Bring some modeling clay or play dough and these dough mats to help kids be creative and bring nature inside.

More Rainy Day Camping Activities

To round out this list of camping activities for rainy days, consider these other fun options to pass the hours away until the sun comes out.

Dance Party

Queue up some of your favorite tunes and break out this set of fun battery-powered lights along with your portable speaker to throw a dance party at your campsite.

Conversation Starters

Listen to a thought-provoking podcast, bring along some conversation cards, or play a game of SUSSED to prompt some engaging chats with your kids.

Practice Knot-Tying

Practice an important camping skill with this handy knot-tying guide for kids, which includes a length of high-grade paracord rope for practice.

Indoor Campfire and S’mores

If you can’t have a campfire outside, bring it inside! Set up a fun pretend campfire using this Melissa & Doug campfire set, and use this indoor s’more recipe – no heat source required.

Of course, there is no rule that you have to stay in on a rainy day during your camping trip! You can always pack your rain boots and ponchos to hit the trails, or explore activities in the surrounding area. I hope your camping trip with kids is packed with cherished family moments, no matter the weather.

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