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    How to Make New Friends as a Mom

    We just had Kid #3’s second birthday party. She had a blast, and as the third kid of four, it was fun to be able to spoil her—especially since she became a big sister about three months ago, and her life was turned upside down. At two years old, she doesn’t have many “real friends.” What she mostly has are kids of families my husband and I are friends with, who we hope she’ll grow close to over the years. As a result, the party was full of people I love being around—people who were friendly to each other, asked about my life, didn’t hesitate to jump up and help…

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    11 Calming Tactics for Mom when Feeling Overwhelmed

    This morning, I was feeling overwhelmed. I noticed as I opened the door that it was about 15 degrees cooler outside than I thought it would be when I’d dressed my kids. I unexpectedly had to unload our double stroller from the middle of the van, which my husband had chucked there to load groceries into the trunk last night. And when I got home, I had to contend with an uncooperative poopy toddler and a baby who was screaming for food. As parents, we all have moments of feeling overwhelmed like this from time to time, right? With four kids, I feel like they happen often. Sometimes, the chaos…