31 Perfect Catholic Baptism Gifts for a Special Baby

We have now had five babies baptized in the Catholic Church and are blessed to be godparents to our niece. A Catholic baptism is such a special occasion! Even though babies are usually too young to remember the experience, godparents and other family and friends can give them gifts that will commemorate the experience and help them live and learn their Catholic faith in the years to come. This list of baby baptism gift ideas is perfect for Catholic baptisms, but many of the baptism gifts listed are also suitable for any Christian baptism.

Looking for a kids’ activity for your baptism celebration? Simply print out this two-page printable baptism activity sheet and set it on the kids’ table along with some crayons. Kids will stay busy and engaged with baptism-themed coloring, puzzles, and activities!Printable Baptism Activity Sheet

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Distinctively Catholic Baptism Gifts

Celebrate unique aspects of the Catholic faith — such as devotion to the Holy Rosary, the Virgin Mary, and the saints — with these Catholic baptism gifts.

Mother Mary Plush

The Virgin Mary holds a very special place in the Catholic faith. Introduce Mother Mary to the baptized baby early on in life with this soft plush doll. The baby can begin inviting Mary into her life. Perhaps she will learn to speak to Mary early, as a precursor to asking for Mary’s intercessions when she prays.

Prayer Buddy

The Wee Believers Lil’ Prayer Buddies, such as Liam the Lion, are plush animals that say three Catholic prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. Parents can turn the sound on and off or remove the soundbox entirely. A fellow mom told me her son really began to enjoy this toy when he was starting to learn the words to the prayers himself.

Personalized Rosary

You can give the baby his first rosary as a Catholic baptism gift. Why not make it extra special by having it personalized? There is a wide selection of gorgeous rosaries available through Etsy that can be personalized with the baby’s name in beads or engraved on a disc.

Catholic Prayer Cube

This wooden cube has a Catholic prayer printed on each of its six sides. As the baby grows, he will have easy access to Catholic prayers such as the Hail Mary, the traditional Catholic meal blessing, and the Glory Be. The parents can use the cube to pray with the baby and help him learn the traditional Catholic prayers.

ABC Saints Poster

Help the baby learn his saints with this brilliant ABC Saints poster! You can order it in different sizes to suit your taste or needs. Each letter has the picture of a saint by it whose name corresponds with that letter. The parents can display it in the baby’s room or playroom and use it as a conversation piece to discuss the lives of the saints.

Teething Rosary

A teething rosary is a wonderful introduction to the Rosary for young children. It can be chewed on, so it’s great for little babies, but even after they outgrow the chewing stage, it makes a perfect durable, quiet rosary or Mass toy for kids.

Interactive Rosary Popper

As the baby grows, he might start participating in family Rosaries. This interactive rosary will help keep the child engaged with its Pop-It style of following along with the prayers.

Mass Bag

Babies through toddlers can usually use some help staying quiet through Mass. You can gift the baby a Mass bag, which the family can fill each week with engaging activities to occupy them through Mass. (Many things on this gift list could go into the Mass bag!) This Mass bag comes along with “I Spy Around My Church” cards, saint cards, and a saint coloring book. They can also color the bag itself with included fabric markers. If you do not want the extras and just want the bag, you can order that here.

My First Rosary Plush Rattle

This little rattle is in the shape of a decade rosary. It is soft and sized just right for a baby’s hand to grip. The bright colors will give him plenty to look at, the sound is quiet enough for Mass, and the cross is perfect to chew on. Inspire devotion to the Holy Rosary early with this Catholic baptism gift!

Papal Blessing

Did you know you can apply for a Blessing from the pope by submitting a request online to the Vatican? A friend just told me her son received one for his baptism, and I was intrigued! If you plan in advance, you can request a Papal Blessing for the baby’s baptism and present a parchment to the family on the special day. What a perfect Catholic baptism gift – a Blessing from the Holy Father.

Shining Light Dolls

Shining Light dolls are small collectible saint figurines. They each come with an educational card that contains the saint’s story and information. If your baby was named for a saint, or if there is a saint that is special to you or the baby’s family, you could give the corresponding Shining Light doll as a Catholic baptism gift and start the baby’s collection.

Catholic Children’s Books

Even though a child being baptized will often not be old enough to read, having a library of Christian — and particularly Catholic — books can help them learn about their faith and keep it integrated in their lives. It’s also nice to have engaging books on hand to bring to Mass while the baby is little.

Cloud of Witnesses: A Child’s First Book of Saints

Written by a Catholic homeschooling mom, this board book introduces children to the saints. Each page includes an illustration of a saint, paired with a quotation that teaches an important life lesson. This book will be an important part of the baby’s faith formation for years to come.

Board Book Bible

The Catholic Baby’s First Bible includes the Our Father and Hail Mary, as well as ten biblical stories told in simple rhymes. The sturdy board book includes vibrant illustrations and a handle, making it a perfect book to bring along to Mass. It also includes little activity prompts that go along with the stories, so the book will engage the baby as he grows.

Alternatively, I highly recommend this Lift-the-Flap Bible. The short bible stories are enhanced by beautiful illustrations and engaging flaps. Many times, the flaps help tell the story.

Mass Quiet Book

This delightful fabric book takes little ones through the Mass with engaging pictures, flaps, and pictures. It’s the perfect companion for babies and toddlers to bring to Mass week after week.

A Missal for Toddlers

A baby may have to grow into this board book missal, but it is a perfect follow-along for kids to look at as they are at Mass. It tells the story of a family going to Mass. The pages include words used at Mass, little prayers for the child, and bright illustrations to hold their attention.

Pope Francis Says

Pope Francis himself wrote this board book for small children, sharing uplifting messages alongside colorful illustrations. Although this book is distinctively Catholic because it was written by the Holy Father, it is perfect for children of all faiths.

Let Us Pray: A Child’s First Book of Prayers

This board book contains many traditional Catholic prayers, but it goes beyond the Hail Mary and Our Father. It also includes the Apostles’ Creed, the St. Michael Prayer, and the Memorare.

Personalized Baptism Gifts

Add an extra special touch to your baby baptism gift by having the gift personalized. As the babies grow, they will cherish these special baptism mementos made just for them.

Keepsake box

A special baby baptism gift would be a personalized keepsake box. This simple box is personalized with the baby’s name and baptism date. The child can keep special photos and mementos from the baptism day and beyond inside the wooden box. If you are the baby’s godparent or particularly close to the child, you could send a small gift or letter each year to put in the box.

Personalized blanket

Several Etsy sellers make beautiful personalized blankets that would be perfect for a baby baptism gift. These elegant quilts can be embroidered with the baby’s monogram and baptism date, along with a cross. Alternatively, this version of the blanket includes the baby’s whole name.

Christmas ornament

A personalized Christmas ornament will remind the family of the baby’s baptism every time they trim their tree. This is the one we gave our goddaughter for Christmas the year of her baptism. There are also many lovely options on Etsy, such as these:

Personalized book

There are some perfect little books you can have personalized for the baby’s baptism. One of my children’s godmothers gave her this personalized book about how much God loves her. For godparents in particular, this book about promising to be there for the baby is really touching. We gave it to our goddaughter as a baptism gift, and her mom was moved by the words. I hope our goddaughter feels the same way when she reads it one day!

Personalized candle

My youngest daughter’s godmother gave her a beautiful personalized candle for her baptism. Her godmother says, “My grandma has made it her tradition to get one of these for each of my children. We keep them out year-round and light them on their baptismal anniversary and Easter. It’s a beautiful family tradition and I love them so much it has become my go-to gift for others when invited to a Baptism!”

She recommends this artist’s high-quality baptismal candles, made with real beeswax. Choose from a variety of stunning designs and personalize with the baby’s name, baptismal date, parish name, city and state.

Here are other options available on Etsy:

Stuffed animal

For the baby’s baptism gift, consider giving a personalized stuffed animal. This sweet elephant, sold on Etsy, can be personalized with the baby’s name on one ear and baptism date on the other.

Personalized cross

A personalized cross to hang in the nursery makes a unique and meaningful baby baptism gift. My third child received a pretty painted wooden cross from her godmother with her first initial in the middle. This stunning wooden cross is perfect for a boy or girl and sophisticated enough to grow with the baby. Personalize it with the baby’s name and baptism date, and then choose a Bible verse to include as well.

There are many other crosses on Etsy to choose from, including these:

Personalized holy water bottle

This holy water bottle can be personalized with the baby’s name and baptism date. You or the baby’s parents can fill the bottle with water from the holy water font used at the baby’s baptism. As a companion gift, you might consider gifting a holy water font for the baby’s home.

Photo frame

A personalized photo frame, such as this beautiful glass frame from Personalization Mall, is a perfect baby baptism gift because the family can place a picture from the baptism inside it. The child will grow up seeing the photo, and it will be a great conversation starter about the baptism day and the importance of baptism.  Here are some other beautiful choices from Etsy:

Unique Baptism Gifts

Here are some gift ideas that may be a little out-of-the-box. They will celebrate the baby’s baptism and incorporate their faith into their everyday life in fun and unique ways.

Jesus Plush Doll

Help the baby learn to take Jesus wherever he or she goes with this soft Jesus plush doll. It’s made by Hallmark, sold at WalMart.com.

“Blessed” Bodysuit

After the baptism and obligatory photo shoot, the baby can change into this comfortable and adorable “Blessed” bodysuit. Even after the special day, the baby can wear the bodysuit and remind the parents both how the baby was blessed by baptism, and how the parents are blessed by the baby. Choose from pink, charcoal, heather, or light blue.

Fisher-Price Noah’s Ark 

I gave this Noah’s Ark toy to my twin nieces for their baptism. Of course, since they were twins, the double of each animal worked out nicely — but there was only one Noah! As the baby grows, he will be able to act out the Bible story of Noah and his ark, learning more about their faith through play.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity 

The Fisher-Price Little People Nativity is a great toy to get out at Christmas or to keep out year-round. One of the best things about this toy may be seeing how other toy figures find their way into the nativity, or how the nativity characters find their way into other toy tableaus. When my eldest daughter was two, she had our angel driving baby Jesus around in the backseat of a minivan!

Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Large blankets made from muslin are light, breathable, and perfect for swaddling. This blanket is especially perfect for a baby baptism gift because it is printed with either a Bible verse (Psalm 139 about being “wonderfully made”), a godparent promise, or a blessing. Literally wrap the baby in Scripture or prayer!

Whatever gift you choose, know that you are blessing the baby by being supportive of his or her baptism and Catholic faith formation! If you have any other suggestions for Catholic baby baptism gifts, please leave a comment.

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