25 Clutter-Free Easter Basket Stuffers for Kids

If I could go back in time and start parenting again, knowing what I know now, I think one of the changes I would make would be not to let so many toys and so much stuff into our home. I am presently in decluttering mode, and the last thing I want is for our Easter baskets to result in more permanent clutter.

If you feel the same as I do, I can help! I’ve put together a list of fun non-candy, clutter-free Easter basket fillers. These Easter basket fillers are “clutter-free” because rather than commandeering more precious space in your home, they either serve a practical purpose or are consumable and will eventually be used up. But the best part is, they are also fun!

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Whimsical Easter Basket Stuffers

  • Color bath drops: These are a favorite in our house! You drop one or two in, and they fizz and change the color of the bathwater. While having fun in the bath, kids can also learn about what happens when colors mix together.
  • Temporary Tattoos: Temporary tattoos are fun for a wide range of kids. They’ll enjoy putting the colorful pictures on, and after a while, they wash off. This Melissa & Doug set of temporary tattoos includes a variety of kid-friendly images for either boys or girls.
  • Scented Bubbles: It’s no secret that kids love bubbles, but can you imagine their surprise if they found scented bubbles in their Easter baskets? These Jelly Belly scented bubbles smell like green apple, berry, or cherry.
  • Face Paint Set: One of my daughter’s favorite gifts she’s received has been her face painting set. She has so much fun using the paints to decorate her face, and her brother and sisters enjoy getting in on the fun, too! It also washes off easily.
  • Unique Lip Balm: Lip balm is a great practical gift, but it can be especially fun for the kids if it has a little twist. Try fun flavors like Starburst or soda. Or, stuff their Easter basket with lip balm that displays their favorite characters, like Disney princesses or Star Wars.

Artsy Easter Basket Fillers

  • Sidewalk chalk: Easter usually comes during or near the perfect sidewalk chalk weather. Just a simple sidewalk chalk set would be a delightful Easter basket filler, but you could also try this glitter chalk for even more fun.
  • Magnet painting kits: For a fun non-clutter Easter basket stuffer, give your kids the opportunity to paint their own magnets. Melissa & Doug offers some fun paint-your-own magnet sets, and I also like this Magnetic Tile Art set. When they’re done painting the magnets, you can put them to use on the fridge or give them away as gifts.
  • Paint with Water: Melissa & Doug’s Paint with Water activity books have the paint palettes built into the pages for fun but simplified art time. I also love Water Wow! books, which are simple enough that even young toddlers can use them. They are reusable, so they may cause a little more clutter than the consumable Paint with Water books. This one is perfect for a Christian Easter basket!
  • Make a Face sticker book: My kids love these books where you use stickers to fill in blank faces. For gender-neutral options, try the animal faces book or “Crazy Characters.”
  • Craft supplies: Grab a small craft supply set as an Easter basket filler. A small set such as this one will surely provide hours of open-ended fun.

Fashionable Easter Basket Ideas

  • Nail polish: Some colorful nail polish would make a perfect non-clutter Easter basket stuffer for your little fashionista. If she enjoys Disney princesses, this non-toxic peel-off nail polish would be a great choice.
  • Earrings: If your little one has her ears pierced, a new pair of earrings makes a small but meaningful Easter gift. These birthstone heart earrings from Kohl’s are precious.
  • Hair chalk: Hair chalk provides a fun way for kids to add a temporary pop of color to their hair. This highly-rated hair chalk set from Amazon would make a fun clutter-free Easter basket stuffer!
  • Hair accessories: Add to your girls’ hair accessory collections by choosing some bows, headbands, or scrunchies to put in their Easter baskets. These are my absolute favorite hair bows for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Fun socks: Who couldn’t use another pair of socks? Pick out a pair of socks with the kids’ favorite characters on them or fun colors and designs. How about these superhero socks with capes or these food socks?

More Gift Ideas:

Entertaining Easter Basket Stuffers

  • Digital movie: We have moved away from DVD/Blu-Ray clutter by purchasing all our movies digitally and streaming them through our Roku. Consider picking out a new digital movie for the kids through Amazon Prime Video, and then printing out a picture to put into the Easter basket. You could also add in a bag of microwaveable popcorn.
  • An outdoor toy: This is a wonderful time of year to invest in a new outdoor toy for the backyard! Though these outdoor toys ideas won’t fit in the Easter basket, you could put a picture in the basket or put together a little scavenger hunt leading the kids to their new outdoor toy.
  • An outing: Perhaps the ultimate clutter-free gift is an experience for the kids! Some ideas for outings that can be used as Easter basket stuffers include theater tickets, movie passes, an ice cream shop gift certificate, a community center class on a favorite hobby, or even a homemade coupon for a fun day out doing the kids’ favorite things.
  • Cooking or baking supplies: Another fun experience could be making a tasty treat with you in the kitchen. You could put some dipping chocolate in the Easter basket with the promise of making chocolate-covered fruit. Or, for something a little more savory, toss in a pizza making kit for an upcoming make-your-own pizza night.
  • Mad Libs: My 8-year-old girl loves Mad Libs! She is at just the right age to answer the prompts and get a kick out of the story. Use these Easter-themed Mad Libs as an Easter basket stuffer, or this Junior Mad Libs version for pre-readers. If you’re looking for a printable version, try these three silly Easter stories from my shop.
  • Gardening Gifts: At the time of year Easter arrives, gardening might be on your mind! Here are some fun ways to give your kids the experience of gardening:

Practical Easter Basket Stuffers

  • Summertime Supplies: Are there things your kids need to get ready for summer? I appreciate that my mother-in-law traditionally gives my kids a new swimsuit for Easter. It’s perfect timing to make sure we don’t get to the first pool day of the season and realize our swimsuits are too small. Some other summertime Easter basket stuffers might include:
  • Journal: A nice new journal gives kids a blank slate to be creative or reflective. Pair it with some fun writing supplies such as these fabulous smelly pencils (Smencils!) or smelly gel pens (Smens!). Instead of a blank notebook or journal, you could get:
    • Q&A a Day for Kids – My daughter is on her second year with this journal, and it’s become a favorite nightly tradition.
    • Look at Us Now – Our family is working through this family journal, and it’s been so fun to complete the pages together.
    • The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids to get them thinking about all the things they have to be thankful for
  • Reusable Straw: Fun for kids and good for the environment, reusable straws make great Easter basket stuffers. Try this reusable straw set that allows you to build words onto the straws.
  • Bath Bombs: These organic bath bombs, in the shape of an egg, are just right for an Easter basket! Fill your kid’s bath with fun colors and lather. Some bath bombs for kids come with little plastic toys inside, but since we are going for clutter-free, I recommend ones that will not leave any clutter behind.

Another Easter Idea: Print out one of these Easter activity sheets from my shop for your kids’ Easter baskets or the kids’ table at Easter dinner. 9 fun Easter-themed activities packed onto two pages will keep them engaged and entertained!

Bonus: If you are looking for ideas that specifically embrace your Christian faith for Easter, this list of baptism gifts and this list of First Communion gifts contain some ideas that would translate perfectly to Easter basket stuffers!

Of course, you could always do what my parents did when I was 4 and give your kids some real-live bunnies for Easter. Either way, I hope you’ve found some ideas here that are just what you need for your fun but clutter-free Easter baskets this year!

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