Free Kids’ Activity and Coloring Pages for Spring

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I don’t know about you, but I am so excited that spring is just around the corner! To celebrate the end of winter, I have put together a set of printable kids’ activity and coloring pages for spring. I hope your students or kids get into the spirit of spring and bust out lots of colorful crayons to complete these printable pages.

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Coloring Pages for Spring

The first of the two coloring pages for spring features the words “Spring has Sprung!” The phrase is surrounded by whimsical springtime flowers, sunshine, a bird, and even an Easter egg. The other coloring page is a springtime scene including trees, flowers, and a rainbow.


Spring Printable Activity Sheets

A tree through the seasons

Kids can reflect on the changing seasons as illustrated through tree leaves. The activity sheet includes four blank trees, each one labeled for one of the four seasons, which the kids can fill in accordingly. The winter tree could be left blank or have a few brown leaves. My daughter immediately thought of an evergreen tree and went that route!

Fill-In Story: “The Bunny’s Treats”

This fill-in story comprises two sheets. On the first sheet, you or the kids will answer the following easy prompts:

  • The name of a place
  • A number
  • A food (plural)
  • An animal (plural)
  • A feeling
  • A color
  • An object
  • A person you know
  • A descriptive word
  • An exclamation

Then, transfer the answers to the next sheet to complete a story about a bunny who is looking for treats. Finally, the kids can draw pictures in the provided blank space to illustrate the story they’ve created. My daughter’s bunny was looking for 12 pizzas!

Directed Drawing Activity

Finally, I’ve included a directed drawing activity. The directions include:

  • Color one flower your favorite color.
  • Color one flower the favorite color of a person nearby you.
  • Color one flower the color of the place you live.
  • Color one flower like your favorite animal.
  • Color one flower like what you are wearing.
  • Color one flower the color of something you can see.
  • Color one flower any way you want.
  • Draw grass on the bottom of the picture.
  • Draw stems to connect the flowers to the grass.
  • Draw the sky. You choose the weather!

When they’re done, they’ll have designed a colorful springtime garden.

To receive these free printable activity and coloring pages for spring, simply fill in the form below. The packet will be sent directly to your email address! I hope you and your kids or students have a great time with these fun pages.

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5 free printable spring activities for kids

5 free printable spring activities for kids

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