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6 Easter Coloring Pages and Printable Activities for Kids

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Easter is such a wonderful season of celebration! In honor of this special time, I have put together six fun Easter coloring page and printable activities for kids. Whether in the days leading up to Easter or at an Easter party, I hope your kids will enjoy these coloring pages of eggs and Easter bunnies.

To access the Easter coloring pages, you will enter your name and email address below, and then check your inbox for a downloadable PDF packet.

This packet includes:

  • 4 Easter coloring pages
  • 1 fill-in story that will create a silly letter to the Easter Bunny
  • 1 activity page on which kids can fill their own Easter basket with goodies

Easter Coloring Pages

These four coloring pages are full of Easter imagery. Your kids can color:

  • a giant Easter egg,
  • a “Happy Easter” message to give to a friend,
  • the Easter bunny hopping down the “bunny trail,” and
  • three big Easter eggs with a baby chick.

Easter Bunny Letter Printable Activity

One of my favorite types of activities to create is the fill-in story. Kids will answer simple prompts and then fill their prompts in to create a silly letter to the Easter Bunny. The prompts include:

  • Adjective
  • Animal
  • Verb
  • Food
  • Book/TV character
  • Number
  • Color
  • Place
  • Song
  • The child’s name

Easter Basket Printable Activity

Finally, I have included a giant Easter basket for your kids to “fill” with drawings of whatever they’d like to receive. They might even fill it with the items they write about in their silly Easter Bunny letter.

I hope your kids enjoy these fun Easter coloring pages! Please leave a comment (pictures encouraged) to let me know what you think.

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