Are you ready to focus on everything you are doing
right as a mom for once?

If you often feel like you are failing as a mom,
find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, 
or feel overwhelmed,
this printable journal for moms
is exactly what you need. 

This journal is designed with you in mind, to help you feel
more empowered and less stressed,
while focusing on your successes and
unique strengths as a mom.


What you'll find inside your printable journal

This printable journal for moms is set up with the same sections each week to guide you in your reflection and give you some perspective and focus.

The weeks are not numbered, so you can start at any point during the year and skip a week without feeling guilty.

Every four weeks, you will find a monthly reflection with some big-picture prompts and an inspirational quotation.

Each week, you will have space to:

• Reflect on a question that is designed to focus on something positive about yourself as a mom or woman

• Make a meal plan — a simple way to take a little stress out of your week

• Record something you are grateful for

• Document one bite-sized project or accomplishment you would like to tackle that week

• Brag about a #MomWin that you’re proud of

My hope is that by the end of your year with this journal, you are fully aware of what an
amazing person and mother you are!

Some self-affirming “me time” is waiting.
Grab your Empowerment Journal today!