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21 Best Fire Truck Toys for Toddlers

Do you have a toddler who loves fire trucks? I have gathered a list of the best fire truck toys for toddlers. These fire truck toys are safe for toddlers, perfect for little hands, and geared toward children under 3 years old. Specific minimum age suggestions are listed with each toy. You are sure to find the perfect fire truck toy to keep your toddler entertained or delight your little one on a birthday or holiday.

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Toy Fire Trucks

1. Gizmovine Toy Fire Truck with Lights and Sirens
24+ months

The Gizmovine toy fire truck, constructed without sharp edges for safety, has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want in a toy fire truck for toddlers. It is a toy that runs on friction power, so your little one will pull back the toy fire truck and let it go to zoom it forward. It also has a rotating ladder, lights up, and play sounds. Plus, this a toy fire truck that shoots water.

2. Green Toys Fire Truck
12+ months

The Green Toys Fire Truck is made from recycled material. It is a simple, durable fire truck that will withstand a toddler’s rough play, and it can be washed in the dishwasher. Your toddler can roll the fire truck along on its wheels and move the rotating ladder to engage in pretend firefighting.

3. BRIO Light and Sound Fire Truck
18+ months

The BRIO Light & Sound Fire Truck is a small toy that is just right for toddlers. It is made of sturdy plastic and beech wood. Your toddler can push the fire truck around on its soft plastic wheels, enjoy the lights and soft sounds, and play with the included peg firefighters. Remove the ladders and connect them together, and push a button to retract the hose after the fire is out.

4. LeapFrog Tumbling Blocks Fire Truck
18+ months

The LeapFrog Tumbling Blocks Fire Truck is an educational fire truck toy for toddlers. The toy will name the corresponding letters and animals as your child places the blocks in the driver’s seat. Toddlers can also place blocks on the ladder and then lift it to “tumble” them back down. With this interactive fire truck toy, they can also press a button to hear rescue missions and then pretend to race to help.

5. Mega Bloks Freddy Firetruck
12+ months

The Mega Bloks Freddy Firetruck set contains a rolling fire truck, firefighter doll, and five building blocks. The blocks can be used to build a fire station to enhance your toddler’s pretend play and fine-motor skills.

6. Little People Helping Others Fire Truck
12+ months

If your kids enjoy Fisher-Price Little People, they will love the Helping Others Fire Truck. This fire truck toy comes with two firefighting Little People dolls, who can race to the rescue in their toddler-sized fire truck. As they drive the truck along, toddlers can press the driver down to hear catchy songs, sounds, and phrases, such as, “Count on us to come to the rescue!” They can also activate lights and make the hose spin.

7. Battat Fire Engine
18+ months

The chunky Battat fire engine, made of durable plastic, is a colorful toy that will engage your toddler in pretend play. Two small firefighters can ride on the truck or extendable ladder as the fire truck toy rolls along on its soft rubber wheels. There are no lights and sounds, but that means it requires no batteries, it’s quiet, and it can inspire your toddler’s imagination.

8. Wooden Thomas and Friends Flynn
24+ months

For Thomas the Tank Engine fans, this wooden Flynn the Fire Engine toy will be a huge hit. The small fire truck is made with real wood and can be played with on its own or as part of the Thomas & Friends wooden train track. It will magnetically connect with other trains and cargo cars from the collection.

9. Squeezable Pull Back Fire Truck
24+ months

This squeezable fire truck is a soft toy that’s perfect for toddlers. When your toddler pulls it back along the hard floor, it will race ahead up to 30 feet. This is the kind of small, quiet, durable toy you can throw into a bag to take out and entertain your toddler on the go.

LEGO Fire Truck Toys

10. LEGO DUPLO My First Fire Truck
18+ months

This tiny DUPLO fire truck is a perfect first building toy for toddlers. The set contains only a few blocks that connect together to form a fire truck with rolling wheels and a moving ladder. You will also see a firefighter peeking out the window.

11. LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck
24+ months

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Truck is a 21-piece set that can be used to build a fire truck that makes siren sounds and has real flashing lights. Your toddler can use the firefighter figure to rescue a kitten from a tree for a little boy.

12. LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station
24+ months

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station is a larger set that includes 76 pieces. Aside from the fire truck, you and your toddler can build a fire station. Firefighter and dog figures along with other accessories will help your child act out exciting pretend firefighting scenes.

Ride-On Fire Truck Toys

13. Disney Mickey Activity Fire Truck Ride-On
12+ months

Mickey Mouse fans will be excited to zoom around on this Disney Mickey Activity Fire Truck Ride-On. Your toddler can press and slide buttons to make engine and siren noises. In addition, the fire hose on the front of the ride-on toy whirls around and changes color.

14. Metal Speedster Fire Truck
24+ months

The high-quality Schylling Metal Speedster Fire Truck is a sturdy, vibrant ride-on fire truck toy that is perfectly sized for toddlers. It includes a removable ladder and bell that really dings, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

15. Pidoko Kids Ride On Fire Truck
18+ months

The Pidoko Kids Ride-On Fire Truck is made from real wood. It can be used as a ride-on toy or toddlers can push it across the room. (Be careful – some reviewers worry that it is not safe as a walker! Consider weighing it down inside and add traction if you use it this way.) The sides of the fire truck feature bright spinning blocks. The seat includes a shape sorter through which your toddler can drop wooden shapes.

16. Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On Vehicle
12+ months

Your toddler can race along with firefighting Paw Patrol pup Marshall on this fire truck toy. The sturdy Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On Vehicle can be used as a ride-on toy or pushed across the floor. For all your toddler’s storage needs (you know how they like to put things into things!), the seat can be lifted to reveal a bin underneath. Your toddler can also activate fun sounds using the handlebars.

Fire Truck Toys

17. Fire Truck Jigsaw Puzzle
24+ months

18. Fire Truck Tent
12+ months

Toddlers will love engaging in pretend play with this fire truck popup tent. This tent can be used indoors or outdoors, since it is weather resistant. Kids can sit in the front of the fire truck and pretend to drive or stand up and pop out of the back. It easily pops up for play time and then folds down flat for storage.

19. VTech Save the Day Fire Station
12+ months

Hours of fun await your toddler with the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Save the Day Fire Station. As the fire truck moves around the track, it activates different sounds and phrases. Your toddler can raise the fire truck up the elevator, which in turn will raise flames on the building. Ring the bell, open and close the door, spin the hose, and more with the built-in manipulative features. The included fire truck makes a fun toy on its own.

20. Fire Truck Wheelie Book
24+ months

The Fire Truck Wheelie book contains many educational pages and photographs of real fire trucks and firefighters in action. Not only is this a great book about fire trucks, but it is also a fire truck toy! Push it around on its real moving wheels between storytime.

21. Melissa & Doug Fire Truck Puzzle
24+ months

Melissa & Doug created this fire station puzzle just for toddlers. The puzzle shows a scene outside a fire station, including a firefighter, fire truck, cat in a tree, and more. Each piece has a peg to make it easy for toddlers to grasp. As your child pulls off the piece, she will reveal another picture beneath and a corresponding sound will play.

With these fire truck toys, I hope your toddler’s playtime will be on fire!

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