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The Ultimate List of Fourth Baby Gift Ideas Experienced Moms will Love

Fourth baby gift ideas are not always the easiest to come up with. After all, the experienced mom having a fourth baby probably has everything under control and has all she needs to take care of this next child, right?

Wrong. As a recent fourth-time mom, I can tell you that I needed and appreciated all the support I received from family and friends. Here is a list of fourth baby gift ideas sure to please even the most experienced moms.

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Personalized Items for the Fourth Baby

The fourth baby might be getting a lot of hand-me-downs, but she could use something all her own! The following make great personalized gifts:

Pay to Outsource Something for Mom

Having a fourth baby means Mom is being pulled in yet another direction, and it can be hard to balance kids, marriage, house, work, and whatever else she has on her plate. As a fourth baby gift, you could pay to have something outsourced, to help free up some time to take care of the fourth baby. Some ideas might include hiring someone to clean up her landscaping and mow her lawn or sponsoring a housecleaning session.

Replenish or Replace

Certain baby items should not be used for more than one child or after a certain period of time, or they may simply be worn out or broken by now.

Consider replacing these items:

  • Pacifiers
  • Sippy cups (these ones are neat!)
  • Bottle nipples
  • Teething toys
  • Expired infant car seats
  • Swing or bouncy seat
  • Stroller (I am a big fan of this double stroller)
  • High chair
  • Bibs
  • Burp cloths
  • Baby toothbrush (like this banana)
  • NoseFrida – This aspiration device has been an extremely effective tool for clearing our babies’ congested nasal passages. The idea may take a little getting used to, but it is perfectly hygienic and parents might even find it empowering to have such a personal impact on their baby’s comfort.

Check with the experienced mom for needs and preferences. If you have items in good shape from your own kids, she’d probably find it just as helpful for you to lend her something — especially if this is likely her last child.

And of course, the fourth baby will also need a supply of consumable products. You could stock her supply of:

  • Diapers in all sizes
  • Formula
  • Nursing pads
  • Wipes
  • Lotions
  • Baby wash
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Infant pain medicine
  • Gripe water
  • Saline spray

Why not put together a gift basket? It’s convenient to have a nice stash of baby supplies ready to go, and even if someone else gives her these items, chances are she’ll still need whatever you give her as well.

Bring a Meal

Bringing a meal is just as appreciated (if not more) as a fourth baby gift as for a first baby gift. After having a fourth baby, you have to feed three hungry kids plus take care of a newborn. Food is a godsend! Consider some of these easy family dinner ideas. Moms of four also appreciate healthy snacks for the kids, breakfasts, and, I could be biased, but I think they really deserve some dessert, too. Read this post for more ideas about bringing food for a new mom.

Give the Gift of Your Time

When the fourth baby comes around, any time you can volunteer to help the busy mom is priceless.

You could offer to:

  • run errands for the mom
  • lend a helping hand at bedtime
  • spend an hour taking care of dishes or laundry
  • handle some pickups or dropoffs for the older kids’ school or activities
  • take the older kids somewhere fun so she can have time with the baby
  • have everyone over to your house for a playdate so that they can get out of the house for a bit
  • sit with the baby so that Mom can have some time with the older kids, take a shower, or work on some home projects

I don’t know if all moms of fourth babies are the same, but I sometimes feel a little like a deer in headlights when someone asks me what’s most convenient for me, what I need, or what time works best. The truth is, I am overwhelmed with things I could use help with, and most times are just as inconvenient as others. But if someone says, “I’d like to come over at 7:00 on Tuesday to help you with bedtime,” or, “Can you bring the gang over for lunch on Friday?” it’s easier for me to figure out how to make something happen than it is to have to make decisions or try to find the elusive convenient time.

The “Latest” Baby Items

How much time has passed between the third and fourth baby? The experienced mom might be in need of some baby item upgrades. For example, we finally got a video monitor for our fourth baby after making do with an audio-only monitor for the other three kids. Between our second and third baby, the amazing Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up floor seat came out, so that was something new I had to have. I’ve also been giving silicone feeders as gifts since I discovered them. Find out what she might be pining after, or pick her out something that worked for your own baby.

Ask about Toys and Books

Some moms have toys and books coming out of their ears from their other kids, and they really do not need any more. However, a mom might appreciate toys and books if:

  • the fourth baby came along after she’d already purged her baby toys and books
  • the fourth baby is a different sex than the others, and they might want a few new girl- or boy-oriented toys and books
  • toys and books from her other kids are worn out
  • she wants some things that are just for the new baby (especially true for books)
  • there are some new toys or books out she’s interested in

So, ask the experienced mom if there are any toys or books she’d like! She may say no, or she may have some specific requests for you.

Bedding and Towels

Bedding and towels are a great fourth baby gift. Since they have to be changed often, having more around makes it less pressing for the mom of four to do even more laundry. Also, the crib sheets and towels may be shared amongst kids, so adding more to the supply will help to accommodate everyone’s needs. Find out if the baby is sleeping in a crib or spending some time sleeping in a Pack ‘n’ Play in Mom’s room. Our fourth baby has spent her first nearly six months in our room, and we have her set up in a Pack ‘n’ Play, which uses a different size sheet and waterproof mattress pad than cribs do.

Gifts to Entertain Other Kids

Especially if the fourth baby’s siblings are relatively young, it can be super helpful to bring gifts that will keep the older kids entertained. Being able to set the kids up with activities that keep them busy and require little help from Mom can free up some time for a peaceful feeding or just a moment of silence while the baby naps. You might bring coloring books and crayons, activity books, puzzles, or easy crafts. I put together a list of art toys for kids that should give you some spot-on ideas as well!

Seasonal Items

If the fourth baby was born during a different season than her siblings, there may be a few seasonal items that the parents do not have on hand. For example, a winter baby in a cold climate may need a snowsuit or car seat cover. A summer baby might need a sunhat or an infant pool float.

Gift Cards

It’s hard to go wrong with a gift card! Choose a gift card or certificate to:

  • Amazon or WalMart so that she can use for something practical like diapers or something to treat herself
  • A local restaurant that would deliver food to her house
  • Etsy so that she could pick out something special and personalized for her fourth baby
  • A photo gift company so that she can create a photo book or other photo keepsake
  • A local photographer to help pay for newborn or family photos
  • A furniture store in case she needs to invest in a larger table or bunk beds
  • A membership at Costco or another place she can shop in bulk
  • Places she can take the kids to get out of the house, such as a play cafe

To be frank, cash is always helpful as well! Parents can put it toward expenses now or add it to the baby’s savings. Designate your choice or leave it up to them.


If the new baby is the first boy or girl in the family, chances are, clothes are a great fourth baby gift idea. But even if this isn’t the case, that doesn’t mean the fourth baby could not use any new clothes. By the time a fourth baby gets to the hand-me-downs, they might be looking pretty worn out. Also, the baby could have been born in a different season and not fit into the hand-me-downs at the appropriate time. Ask the experienced mom what kind of clothes she needs. She might have some very specific requests, like, size 6-9 month winter sleepers!

By the way, if you’re going to buy sleepers, please consider buying reverse zipper sleepers. They are so convenient because you don’t need to mess with snaps, but you can zip up from the bottom for a diaper change to keep the baby from getting too cold!

Monthly Baby Photo Props

It’s common for parents to take a photo each time a baby completes another month. There are many different ways to note the monthly milestones in the photo. Consult with the experienced mom to see if this might be something she’s in need of for her fourth baby. She may want to do something unique for this baby’s pictures.

Some ideas include:

As you decide on your gift, just remember there is no harm in asking first! Surprises are nice, but by the time a mom has her fourth baby, she has a great sense of exactly what she needs. Let her take the guesswork out of it for you!

If you have other fourth baby gift ideas, please leave them in the comments!

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  1. I love your ideas for the gift of your time! I never thought about offering to help out at bedtime. I LOVE to read books to kids and this would be something that could be helpful for the whole family. You have given me a lot to think about!

    1. Thanks, Denise! Seriously, time is so appreciated! I’m sure a friend of yours would love if you volunteered to do the bedtime stories 🙂

    1. Yes, we definitely have some tattered and worn and STAINED things around here! So nice when the younger ones get some fresh clean things just for them.

  2. Food is always a good option. I only have one 5 month old and remember coming home from the hospital and not wanting to cook anything. We ate out way too much and spent way too much money on confidence foods because we just didn’t have the energy to cook. I cannot imagine how tired I would be with three littles at home.

  3. What a fantastic list! I only have two children, but they are both girls. The items I cared about most were the latest baby items that I wished they had had the first time around and meals once the baby was born!

    1. Meals are so great! Of course the more kids we have, the more mouths our generous friends have to feed – haha!

  4. Attractive gift idea. I never contemplated offering to assist at sleep time. I LOVE to peruse books to children and this would be something that could be useful for the entire family. I’m certain by the fourth kid, things are either worn out and worn and need to be supplanted. I already bookmarked this page for further use.

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