5 Free Fourth of July Coloring Pages and Activities

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Celebrate the birth of the United States with these five Fourth of July coloring pages and printable activities for kids. Whether you print them out as a picnic activity, for a road trip, or just as a fun way to pass the time at home, your kids will enjoy these engaging Fourth of July activities.

This Fourth of July activity packet contains:

  • An American flag coloring page
  • A coloring page featuring an eagle and fireworks
  • A map of the United States
  • An activity about designing your own country
  • A fill-in-the-blank story about a Fourth of July picnic

Fourth of July Coloring Pages

The two Fourth of July coloring pages included in this packet will allow your kids to reflect on the meaning of the Fourth of July while expressing their creativity.

When your kids color the American Flag coloring page, consider discussing with them the history of the flag and the meaning behind the design. This PBS article contains many fun talking points.

The eagle coloring page provides a jumping-off point for a conversation about the role of the bald eagle as our national bird. Check out this American History for Kids article for some interesting bald eagle facts. Of course, they will hopefully also have a blast creating colorful fireworks.

Map of the United States Activity Page

How well do your kids know their state names? (How well do you for that matter?) The United States map activity page offers a geography challenge. Maybe your kids can embark on a journey of memorizing the name and location of all 50 states – or even the capital cities! This sheet can also be used as a coloring page. Maybe your kids can decorate each individual state with a different color or design.

If you need an answer key for the states, visit this page.

Design Your Own Country Activity Page

Talk to your kids about how the Fourth of July celebrates our Founding Fathers’ creation of our country. What if they created their own country? They can dive down a creative rabbit hole as they design a country from scratch.

The prompts include:

Fourth of July Printables

  • What is your country’s name?
  • Where in the world will it be?
  • What food will it be famous for?
  • What kinds of animals will live there?
  • What will your country’s motto be?
  • Why will people visit it?
  • What are some of your country’s rules?

At the bottom of the page, they can design their country’s flag.

Fourth of July Fill-in-the-Blank Story

This activity packet contains one of my signature fill-in-the-blank stories. Your kids can come up with adjectives, nouns, numbers, and more to complete a Fourth of July picnic story. Hopefully their answers will result in lots of laughter! They will also have space to illustrate their story when they are done.

How to Get Your Fourth of July Coloring Pages and Printable Activities

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Happy Independence Day!

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