3 Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids

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If you are stuck inside and looking for a way to keep kids entertained, a scavenger hunt is a fun and educational solution. I am excited to share with you these three printable indoor scavenger hunts that were designed to get kids active while helping them learn.

When you download this free pack of printable scavenger hunts for kids, you will find that each hunt has an educational theme and includes engaging questions or activities to go one step beyond checking items off a list.

Counting Scavenger Hunt for Kids

The Counting hunt is geared toward preschoolers who are practicing their counting and one-to-one correspondence skills. Your kids will be asked to find the correct number of each item around the house. I have included countable items on the paper to reinforce their learning.

To make things easy, encourage your kids not to actually collect the items. Many of the items (like windows and lights) are unable to be collected anyway, but I do not want you to be stuck with a pile of things that need to be put away after the scavenger hunt. Instead, simply ask your child to point them out and count aloud.

Then, engage you child in conversation with the corresponding question. For example, as they find nine containers with lids, talk about what they can find inside each container.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt that engages kids in counting.

Science Indoor Scavenger Hunt

The Science indoor scavenger hunt for kids works well for older kids as well as younger ones. It is broken up into six boxes. Each of these six boxes contains three tasks. First, your kids will be asked to point out an object in your house.

Then, they will find the answer to a corresponding science-related question. This is sort of an indoor scavenger hunt for information! For example, after they find something that is plugged into the wall, they will look up the name of the person who discovered electricity (if they don’t already know the answer!). These questions can easily be found by asking Siri or Alexa. I had my eight-year-old dictate the questions to my phone herself. My hope is that this reinforces the idea that when kids have questions — especially in this day and age — they can easily find the answer, and they do not have to wonder or guess!

Finally, each box has a corresponding drawing prompt to further engage the kids. For the electricity box, the kids will draw what life was like before we used electricity. If they do not know what to draw, this can encourage further conversation or research on that topic.

Indoor scavenger hunt for kids that includes science-related questions.

Word Scavenger Hunt

Finally, the Word scavenger provides prompts that encourage kids to think about the word names of items around the house. The prompts ask them to consider concepts such as syllables, starting sounds, and rhyme. For example, they are asked to find something around the house that rhymes with the word “mock.” Will they find a sock, clock, lock, or block?

Before they start the scavenger hunt, the kids should fold the paper so that they can’t see the fill-in-the-blank story at the bottom. After they are done answering all the prompts, they should unfold the paper and transfer their answers to the blanks in the story. You can read the story together for a good laugh!

Indoor scavenger hunt for kids with prompts about words and reading skills.

I hope you and your kids enjoy these engaging printable indoor scavenger hunts for kids! Please come back to leave a comment and let me know how the hunts turned out.

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