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25 Sensational Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Mother’s Day offers an opportunity to celebrate all the moms in your life, including your own grandma or your kids’ grandma. Grandmas spend so much of their time lending a helping hand, offering advice, and supporting their grandkids. You’re sure to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for grandma on this list of personalized items, grandma jewelry, and thoughtful gifts that celebrate what she means to you.

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Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

These Mother’s Day gifts for grandma are sure to be treasured thanks to the personalized touch. Whether through photos or text, create something just for grandma from home decor to keepsakes.

Personalized Blanket

Grandma can snuggle up with her loved ones’ pictures or names if you create a personalized blanket. Try this soft blanket that features the grandma’s name (of your choice) in the middle, surrounded by her grandkids’ names. If you prefer to do a photo blanket, try this highly customizable option.

Grandma Shirt

This Mother’s Day, give her the chance to proudly display her grandma status with the gift of a personalized shirt! You might choose a grandma shirt that incorporates her grandkids’ names. One with an “established” date would be perfect for new grandmas or if the family is ever-growing. If you’d rather not go for a personalized version, you might like this understated “Blessed Grandma” shirt.

Wall Hanging

After my first two kids were born, I ordered my mom a wall hanging that says, “Welcome to Gramma and Grampa’s House.” Each of my kids’ names hung on a wooden slat beneath it. Now, my siblings and I have added five more grandchildren to the pack, so I have had to continue ordering those wooden slats! Here is a similar product from Etsy.

Some other personalized wall hanging ideas include:

Personalized Mug

If grandma enjoys coffee or tea, you can create her a personalized mug for Mother’s Day. Whether you use photos or text, she’ll love remembering her grandchildren as she sips from her one-of-a-kind mug.

Throw Pillow

For your Mother’s Day gift for grandma, design her a throw pillow for her bed or couch. This pillow artfully displays the dates she became a mom, a grandmother, and maybe even a great-grandmother! Another option could be to list out her grandchildren’s names on the pillow, or to add cherished photos. She can hug her pillow when she misses her grandkids!

Personalized Baking Dish

If she is into cooking or baking, this engraved baking dish is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for grandma. It is a fun way to celebrate her cooking skills and also make it easy for everyone to know which dish belongs to her the next time she is at a potluck.

Photo Book

A wonderful Mother’s Day gift for grandma might be a customized photo book. This unique book from Pinhole Press incorporates favorite photos of grandma with your chid’s answers to prompts, such as “I’m so happy when my grandma…” and “My grandma likes to…”

Stepping Stone

Your child can create a personalized stepping stone for grandma for Mother’s Day. This kit from Amazon gives you everything you need to imprint your child’s hand into a stepping stone and then decorate it especially for grandma’s garden.

Personalized Wind Chime

The names of grandma’s “shining stars” hang from this decorative wind chime. The Etsy store offers lots of customization options, and you can order additional stars if more grandchildren come along later. Grandma will enjoy thinking of her grandchildren whenever the wind blows on her porch or patio.

Ring Dish

This beautiful ring dish can sit on grandma’s dresser for when she removes her jewelry at night. It’s engraved with “Nana’s Blessings” (insert your own special grandma name) with the grandchildren’s names beneath.

Grandma Tote Bag

Does grandma show up with a big bag of “goodies” for the kids? Or does she like to “be prepared” when she goes out and about? Then this large personalized tote bag would be a very appropriate Mother’s Day gift for grandma!

Grandma Necklaces

These grandma necklaces will make beautiful, thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for grandma that she’s sure to treasure.

Birthstone Family Tree Pendant

This gorgeous grandma necklace from Eve’s Addiction sets grandchildren’s birthstones inside the branches of an intricate tree while the names are engraved around the outer circle. You can choose the number of stones and names, from two to ten.

Engraved Birthstone Locket

Another unique option from Eve’s Addiction is this birthstone locket. You can engrave “grandma” or whatever name you call the grandmother on the front of the locket, and add the grandchildren’s birthstones inside. You can also upgrade to engrave a special message on this back. This necklace a wonderful option for the growing family, because you can add birthstones on later for new grandchildren.

Grandchildren Ring Necklace

With this custom-made Mother’s Day gift for grandma, you can have each of her grandchildren’s names engraved on a set of rings hanging from a delicate necklace chain. Chose from rose gold, silver, or gold and add up to twenty names.

Handwriting Necklace

This necklace from Etsy will display a message to grandma in her grandchild’s own handwriting! One mom shared with me that since her mom always sings the song, “Bushel and a Peck,” to her kids, they used this as inspiration for their necklace. Her daughter wrote out the lyrics for one side and the grandchildren’s names for the back.

Grandchildren Bar Necklace

On this chic necklace, grandma’s name hangs from a heart-shaped charm, while each of her grandchildren’s names hang from an engraved bar.

Established Dates Necklace

This meaningful necklace celebrates when grandma became both a mom and a grandma. One disc lists the year her first child was born while another disc lists the year her first grandchild was born. Her birthstone hangs from the necklace as well, and it comes on a personalized card.

Shop the Grandma Necklaces recommended above:

Thoughtful Gifts for Grandma

These Mother’s Day gifts will make grandma feel absolutely tickled that you spent the time thinking about her and your relationship and choosing just the right gift for her. There are practical and sentimental ideas to choose from.

Grandma Letters Book

This gift idea for grandma is actually a gift for you in disguise, but she is certain to be touched by it. Purchase a book for your grandma to fill out about herself and return to you so that you have her story written down (in her own handwriting no less!) as an irreplaceable keepsake. Grandmother’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild can be purchased on Amazon.

Family Photos

Do you know a grandma who doesn’t adore family photos? If you already have family photos done, print some out and gift them. You can display them in a frame, such as this clever one with an attached letterboard. We gave my mom this wall hanging with clothespins so that she can change out her grandchildren pictures whenever she would like. Another idea would be to get a gift certificate or schedule and pay for a family photo session.

A Fun Place to Take the Grandkids

If they’re local, consider purchasing a grandparents membership to a local zoo, museum, or other fun place they can regularly take the grandkids. You could also purchase a gift card to an ice cream shop, restaurant, or somewhere she’d like to take the kids for a little quality time.

Gift Card to a Favorite Store

If the grandma in your life is anything like my kids’ two grandmas, she loves to shop! Consider sponsoring some of her next shopping trip by buying a gift card to her favorite store, like TJ Maxx or Kohl’s (just a guess).

A Gift with Grandma’s Favorite Saying

Does grandma have a saying she often says to the kids? For one of my kids’ grandmas, it’s, “Love you to the moon and back.” We have gotten her a couple of gifts with that saying on it, and it’s special because of the meaning behind the words. If that is your saying, too, check out this adorable frame.

Willow Tree Figurine

There is something so touching and sentimental about Willow Tree figurines. There are several perfect to give from a grandchild to a grandma.

  • This Willow Tree figurine called “Grandmother” depicts a woman holding a baby lovingly in the air. The enclosed saying is, “A unique love that transcends the years.” The “Grandmother” scene can also be found on this small keepsake box.
  • The “With Grandmother” figurine shows an older child sitting with her hand on her grandma’s shoulder. Their hands are clapsed together, and it looks as though the grandma is speaking to her grandchild. The card reads, “The best gift is time spent with you.”
  • “The Quilt” figurine shows a woman rocking a child to sleep beneath a blanket. The card reads, “Sleep my child and peace… peace… Covered in love and keep… keep…”

Staying in Touch with Out-of-Town Grandchildren

If grandma is not local, your gift can help her stay in touch with her out-of-town family. Consider getting her Facebook Portal or Echo Show for video calling. Alternatively, you could give her a digital photo frame that you can send photos to throughout the whole year.

Practical Gifts to Support Grandma’s Interests

What are grandma’s hobbies and interests? Consider picking out something that will support her endeavors. For example, my mom recently asked us for this sewing thingamajiggy for Christmas because she loves to sew. Whatever makes you happy, Mom!

Here are some ideas:

  • If she likes to knit, maybe she could use a pair of compression gloves.
  • If she is into scrapbooking, how about getting her a bundle of fresh die cuts.
  • For a grandma who enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles (like mine did with my grandpa), a new puzzle or this puzzle work surface would be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

I hope this list gives you just the right idea for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for grandma! Of course, these gifts are wonderful for other occasions, too, such as birthdays or Christmas.

If you would like a perfect addition to your Mother’s Day gift, download our free printable book for your child to personalize especially for grandma!

Free printable Mother's Day personalized book

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