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New Mom Care Package: 35 Gifts She Will Appreciate

After giving birth, a new mom needs all the help and support she can get from her friends and family. One way you can lift her up is to ship or drop off a new mom care package.

A care package for a new mom should contain items that make the new mom’s life easier, help her take care of herself, or encourage her. It does not have to be fancy. In this time of sleep-deprivation, intense transition, overwhelmedness, and physical pain, simple and thoughtful items will mean the world to a new mom. 

This list contains 35 ideas of things you might include in your new mom care package, many of which were suggested to me by fellow moms. These items put all the focus on the new mom and her needs, rather than gifting baby supplies and items.

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Feeding Time Support for the New Mom

Whether she is nursing or using bottles, a new mom care package can provide support for the many hours your friend will spend feeding her new baby.

If she is breastfeeding, consider including:

For both nursing and bottle-feeding moms, you might add:

Snacks to Include in New Mom Care Package

A new mom may not have the mental capacity, physical energy, or time to remember to get herself snacks. After my first daughter was born, I could hardly bring myself to eat, but I will always remember how amazing a box of chocolate-covered strawberries that showed up at my door tasted. When I asked what they would prefer to receive in a new mom care package, so many moms mentioned snacks – healthy, portable, nursing-friendly, easy snacks. Consider including a variety of snacks in your new mom care package. You might opt for snacks that are nutritious, portable, or comforting.

  • This trail mix contains dried fruit, nuts, and seeds that are full of healthy fats, antioxidants, and protein.
  • Cocoa-dusted almonds were recommended by a fellow mom as a delicious healthy treat.
  • Include some packs of organic instant oatmeal for a quick, heart-healthy breakfast that will hopefully stick with the new mom during her busy mornings.
  • KIND bars are an easy and satisfying snack to eat while nursing or toss in the diaper bag.
  • Add fresh fruit to your new mom care package to give her a healthy snack option. One mom recently shared with me how nice it was to grab a fresh piece of fruit to offset the often heavy freezer meals that friends and family generously dropped off.
  • Give the mom the chance to take a quick break by indulging in a bite of dark chocolate. The uplifting messages inside Dove Promises are an added bonus.

Gifts to Keep the New Mom Comfy

After giving birth, a new mom’s body is stressed and sore, and she will hopefully be spending a lot of time sitting or lying down to relax. These care package items are intended to help keep the new mom comfortable during the postpartum period. Feeling cozy can also help with her mental wellbeing.

  • Throw a comfy T-shirt into the new mom care package, especially one with a mom-related phrase like this loose-fitting Mama Bear tee.
  • Pick out some cozy socks to keep the new mom’s feet warm and snug around the house.
  • Include hair ties so the new mom can throw her hair back in a quick ponytail and tame her thick postpartum locks.
  • A reusable heating and cooling pad will help relieve back pain, cramps, C-section incision pain, or other postpartum aches. It can also just keep the new mom warm and cozy if it is chilly in her house.
  • Roll up a cozy shawl and add it to your care package to give the new mom something warm to wrap up in.
  • A pair of these soft memory foam slippers are sure to bring extra comfort to the new mom’s feet.
  • A fellow mom recommended a sleep mask to help the new mom grab a nap during daylight hours.

Self-Care Gifts for the New Mom

While the new mom is giving so much of her time and energy to care for her new baby, she needs to be reminded to care for her own health and wellbeing. When you are putting together your care package, consider including some items that promote self-care for the new mom, such as:

  • A book that encourages mindfulness or meditation, such as Breathe, Mama, Breathe: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms.
  • An insulated water bottle to make sure she stays hydrated and can safely keep her cold water close by without spilling.
  • A Thermos travel mug so that she does not have to microwave her coffee fifteen times during the day. I swear by mine and use it daily, even when I am not planning to leave the house. Throw in a nice bag of coffee, too!
  • Date idea cards to help the new mom remember to focus on her relationship. These printable cards include not only date ideas, but also conversation starters, kiss challenges, sweet gestures, and affirmations.
  • Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath experience, or an aromatherapy shower bomb for a mom who had a C-section and cannot yet take baths.
  • Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Body Lotion to moisturize her skin while also helping her relax and feel calm.
  • A gift card for a cleaning service to take the housekeeping burden off of her tired shoulders.
  • A food delivery service gift card so that she can have a favorite meal of her choice conveniently delivered to her house.
  • Something you know she loves – like yarn for knitting, nail polish, or a good book – to help her stay connected to her pre-baby self.

Encouraging Gifts for the New Mom Care Package

As a new mom, there is so much to learn, and sometimes it is priceless just to be encouraged. These gift ideas are meant to lift the new mom’s spirits and give her the opportunity to recognize herself for the amazing job she is doing taking care of her baby:

With these ideas, I hope you are able to craft the perfect new mom care package to make your loved one’s day! If you would like to bring a meal over to your friend as well, make sure to read Food for a New Mom: 7 Tips to Get it Right.

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