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How to Organize Your Life: 10 Simple Tips for Busy Moms

Do you ever feel like you just need to figure out how to organize your life? With four young kids, I often feel like I’m in survival mode, barely holding it all together. But I found a collection of resources this week that has truly sparked a change in me. I have begun to fill my mind with strategies, systems, and tools that can help me organize my life and manage all aspects of my household.

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The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is a collection of electronic resources designed to empower people to set and reach goals, take control of their time, accomplish more, and free up space for the things they love. These resources include 26 printables such as worksheets and planners, 14 ebooks, and 5 online courses. When you purchase the bundle, you get instant access to all of these items. You can then download, read, or engage with them as you please.

I’ve pulled from this bundle ten simple tips to begin taming the chaos and organizing your life.

Use Trello to organize your life.

Trello is an online tool that can organize your life in myriad ways. It is essentially an electronic sticky note system, versatile enough to apply to pretty much any aspect of your life. You can set up systems for meal planning, household chores, home projects, kids’ activities, and whatever else you can imagine! If you need help learning the full potential of Trello, there is a course by the League of Extraordinary Moms included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

Host a planning retreat to organize your life.

Organize your life during an intentionally planned period of time. ListPlanIt calls this a “planning retreat.” During your planning retreat, shut out all distractions and dedicate uninterrupted time to hammering out your plans. You might use a planning retreat to organize your to-do list, create your schedule for the week, plan a party, or outline your budget for the month.

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Brain dump to organize your life.

Several of the printable planners included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle include an area to engage in a “brain dump.” Just write everything you need to do down as pops into your mind. You can then organize your brain dump into prioritized to-do lists. As Julianna from The Simplicity Habit says in her Simply Scheduled Workbook, “You will be able to think more clearly when you aren’t carrying around tasks lists in your mind.”

Daily Planners inside the bundleMix and match planner pages to create your ideal planner.

You don’t need to try to fit your own time management needs into someone else’s planner design. That’s what’s great about having access to a variety of printable planner pages. You can mix and match pages from the various planners included in the bundle to create a planner that will organize your life the way you need. After all, our time management needs are impacted by our personalities, as Susie Glennan explains in her ebook, Personality Based Time Management©, which is also included in the bundle.

Dry-erase your checklists and planning pages.

I printed out one of the housecleaning checklists included in the bundle. The checklist includes daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Since I do not want to have to print one of these out every day, I put the checklist inside a sheet protector. With a dry erase marker, I can reuse the checklist over and over again! This system works well for all of the other checklists, planners, and worksheets included in the bundle.

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Goal Setting inside the bundleDo not underestimate how helpful your kids can be.

Even kids as young as two can get involved in housekeeping tasks. There are several excellent resources included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle that provide strategies for creating chore systems with your kids, motivating them, and choosing age-appropriate chores. Using the Housekeeping Chore Box for Kids and Families by Kemi Quinn, I have really inspired my kids to step up and help. Each day, I give my kids three chore cards that they need to complete in order to earn a small treat.

Recently, my seven-year-old vacuumed and mopped for the first time, and my son said he was disappointed he didn’t get those cards! Getting my kids involved in cleaning frees up my own time and resources so that I can accomplish more during the day. Plus, it teaches them responsibility and cleaning skills and instills important habits!

Create a filing system that works for you.

Ever-accumulating piles of paperwork pose a particular problem for me in my home. Between kids’ artwork, mail, forms and school information, and homework, I feel I am swimming in a sea of paper! The Ultimate Productivity Bundle offers tips and systems for organizing your paper.

Susan Santoro from Organized 31 offers a “tickler file” system. This system helps you process paper immediately. Place each paper in an appropriate file based on when it needs to be dealt with. Similarly, Emily Bendler’s book, Take Back Your Time, suggests placing all paper into a bin. She lays out a system for processing the papers each week.

Plan time with your partner to organize your life together.

One of my favorite resources in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is The Ultimate Goal Setting Planner™ [Couples Edition] by Mike and Carlie Kercheval. The mere existence of this planner reminds me of the importance of being on the same page with my husband. It walks us through a process of regularly reflecting on our marriage, finances, to-do lists, calendar, and goals. Then, we can plan accordingly for the next month. There is even a section for planning date nights in advance. We often say, vaguely, “We should go on a date night soon.” The planner reminds us of the importance of being intentional. We need to actually book the dinner reservation, schedule the babysitter, and just make it happen.

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Set everyone in your family up with a solid morning routine.

A smooth morning can make a huge difference in a day. As a working mom of four kids, I often feel like I’m racing a mile a minute in the mornings. In her book, Child, It’s Time to Get Off Your Butt, Angela Davis recommends setting your family members up with a “Morning High Five.” In other words, give each person five tasks they’re responsible for in the mornings, from personal hygiene to housekeeping.

Put together a binder to organize your life.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly searching in different places for documents, records, and important information? Consider putting together a binder to keep everything in one place. The Life Management Binder by Moritz Fine Designs is included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle. This comprehensive binder gives you space for everything. For example, it includes space for school-related information, utilities, home and auto maintenance, and copies of important documents. Honestly, I’d recommend keeping this inside a locked drawer. With the amount of information you’ll have stored in there, you wouldn’t want it to get into the wrong hands!

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Hopefully, these tips inspire you to implement systems that will organize your life. You can start to make more time for the things that you really want to be doing. The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is the perfect tool to help you start creating and implementing those systems.

If you were to purchase each Ultimate Productivity Bundle resource separately, the total would come to about $1500. However, for only $49.97 you can purchase all the resources as a bundle. I am sure I do not have to tell you that is an absolute steal! In fact, some of the courses included in the bundle cost more than that on their own. The bundle is also backed by a 30-day happiness guarantee, so you can feel confident with your purchase.

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  • Sarah | Gardenfullofdreams

    I love using binders to keep everything organized. My husband caught me on to using a half-size binder. Now, I just need a slightly larger purse and I could take it with me everywhere. For now, the kitchen counter is its home. I just like having everything at my fingertips and it really helps organize every aspect of keeping up with what our family is doing.

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