5 Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables for Kids

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My three oldest kids had so much fun with this set of five St. Patrick’s Day printables! I hope you will enjoy this variety of activities for your own children or the students in your classroom.

When you download this set of free St. Patrick’s Day printables, you will receive a PDF that includes:

  • St. Patrick’s Day printable coloring page of a leprechaun hat
  • “I’m lucky to have…” shamrock writing and reflection activity
  • Shamrock color by addition worksheet
  • Coloring and drawing activity: “What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?”
  • “Wanted” Leprechaun poster fill-in-the-blank story activity

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Leprechaun Hat Coloring Page

Kid coloring a St. Patrick's Day coloring page of a leprechaun hat

This leprechaun’s hat coloring page provides a fun, large St. Patrick’s Day image to color, decorate, or cut out with the words “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” at the top.

“I’m lucky to have…” St. Patrick’s Day Printable Activity Sheet

This worksheet reflects the “luck o’ the Irish” aspect of St. Patrick’s Day. Kids can reflect on what they feel lucky to have and then draw or write their answers inside each of nine shamrocks.

St. Patrick's Day printable activity sheet with shamrocks

Color by Addition St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Kindergarteners and above can practice their simple addition and coloring skills with this printable worksheet. Each section of the shamrock contains a sum between 2 and 7. Kids can solve the addition problems and then use the key to color in the colorful shamrock.

Kid coloring in color by addition shamrock for St. Patrick's Day
“What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?” Creative Activity

Ask your kids to use their imaginations to draw or write what they would like to find at the end of a rainbow. My son chose gold nuggets and coins. I guess he is traditional! But maybe yours would choose a unicorn, a dinosaur, a mansion, or their favorite movie character. My three-year-old daughter did not do the activity, but she enjoyed coloring the rainbow.

Rainbow coloring page for St. Patrick's Day

“Wanted” Leprechaun Fill-in-the-Blank Poster

My kids loved this activity so much, they asked me to keep printing them out new versions and doing the story and poster over again! Kids come up with words and phrases such as “a place you like to go” and “a food” to fill in a “wanted” poster for a leprechaun that’s on the loose. Even my three-year-old could answer these questions and participate! Older kids can do the activity on their own. For pre-readers, you can ask them the questions and fill it in for them. When they’re done, they can use their description to create a picture of the leprechaun in the frame.

Printable St. Patrick's Day activity sheet for kids

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